January 22, 2019

Specializing in parts and diesel conversion kits and installation for converting vehicles from gas to diesel.

malone_tuning_logo_215x77Tuning Chart

Malone Tuning Stage 0

For industrial applications or for those who simply want to run the engine without a turbocharger (to simplify engine swaps or to eliminate the cost of a replacement turbo).

Malone Tuning Stage 1

+24 HP +43 TQ

Malone Tuning Stage 2

+40 HP +68 TQ

This stage will produce medium or heavy exhaust smoke when full power is applied. Roughly half of BEW, BRM, and similar 2004-2006 PD TDIs may have boost creep with +40HP, no matter where you buy the tune from. We value long-term reliability and thus recommend a boost gauge or VCDS logging. Our most popular tune is a “Stage 1.5″ that gives +30HP with minimal risk of boost creep.

Malone Tuning Stage 2 Custom

Power results vary depending on your modifications. VCDS logging is required if you are seeking maximum power without compromising reliability. If you just want Stage 1 or 2 with Dynamic Idle or/and Dynamic EGR, then the Stage 2 Custom applies.

Malone Tuning Stage 4

VNT-17 Turbo Upgrade +60HP +85TQ

Malone Tuning Stage 5

VNT-17 based hybrids (VNT-17/22, VT2, VT3, GT1752v, etc.) +72HP +110TQ *

* Power results vary depending on your modifications.

Malone Tuning Stage 5 Custom

For turbo upgrades, including compound turbos

Power results vary depending on your modifications. Too many configurations to list.


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