December 14, 2018

Specializing in parts and diesel conversion kits and installation for converting vehicles from gas to diesel.

TD Conversions engine mounts bolt to existing holes in the block

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 Universal engine mounts

Universal engine mountsThis kit includes both left and right engine mount parts.

Just weld them up at the angle you need.

It has the correct spacing to align with holes in the ALH and newer 1.9L and 2L TDI . These are the same parts that we use to build our custom mounts.  $95 USD

Jeep Cherokee Motor Mounts


Our Jeep Cherokee motor mount utilize the stock Jeep mount location. These mounts are designed to work with the ALH and newer 1.9L / 2L TDI with the thickness of our TDI adapters.  The frame mount holes are slotted 2″ to allow you to position the engine farther forward for firewall clearance on the Vacuum pump.

Kit includes: (2) TDI Engine Mounts, (2) Cherokee Frame Mounts (2) Rubber Motor Mounts (1) Installation Hardware. $235 USD

These mounts ship unwelded as the mounting angle of the engine differs from model to model.


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